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Can I mail or fax in my subscription form?

Yes, please click here and complete the form. You can email it to or fax to us at 212.809.8492

When is Grant’s published?

Grant’s is published every other Friday, 24 times a year. On the Wednesday preceding the publishing date, the online version is available at 4 p.m. ET and issues are mailed out to subscribers.

May I cancel my subscription?

Yes, within the first 30 days of subscribing you may cancel. You will receive a pro-rata refund. After 30 days, there are no refunds.

Gift subscriptions

Current paid-up subscribers who have at least six issues left on their subscription may give a one-year gift subscription at a special, reduced rate. Call 212.809.7994 or email for more information.

Replacement issues

If you failed to receive an issue, call us immediately and we will send out a replacement copy, while supplies last. You can also download and print any issue from the website or app.

Can I read Grant’s on my mobile device?

Yes, go to the App Store or Google Play Store, depending on your device, and search for “Grant’s Interest Rate Observer.” Your login will be the same as what you use to access the Grant’s website.

How do I access the Grant’s website?

Use of is complimentary with your subscription and access is yours once you register. If you have an email address on file with us, you may reset your password here. If you do not, please call us during regular New York business hours at 212.809.7994 or email

Who may access my subscription online?

Full online access to Grant’s is subscriber-based, meaning only those who have paid for the subscription have access. Note that there must be a name on the account (for instance, “Library” or “Research” cannot be used). Do not share your log-in information with anyone. An assistant may download issues for you, but you may not give him or her access to Grant’s through your subscription or allow the printing of copies for others to read. This is a copyright violation.

May I make copies of Grant’s?

No. Your subscription is yours alone. You may print a single copy, not multiple copies, of Grant’s solely for personal use. As noted in our Terms and Conditions of Use, you may not reproduce, distribute, transmit, disseminate, sell, publish, display, broadcast, circulate or forward any part of Grant’s to anyone, including, but not limited to, others in the same company or organization without the express prior written consent of Grant’s Financial Publishing. This requirement and limitation include, for example, electronic activities (such as emailing, scanning, website posting, downloading, printing, FTP, etc.), photocopying, printing, faxing and the like. The use of this site means you agree to these terms.

Note that multiple-copy discounts and limited (one-time) reprint arrangements may be available upon inquiry. Call us at 212.809.7994 for more information.